Tom Winter

Managing Principal

Tom Winter is the Managing Principal/Owner of TDW Risk Management Associates, LLC.  Together with his partners and staff, Tom has helped to create a customer-centric organization dedicated to solving customer’s insurance issues and helping clients manage risk in their pursuit of their own successful business outcomes.

For 38+ years, he’s assisted many “middle-market”​ corporate clients with their commercial insurance programs as their agent/broker and trusted advisor. Usually, the relationships began with the task of solving a specific problem. With Tom’s expertise, clients were able to realize better outcomes; saving money by obtaining lower premiums, and securing better coverage became their result.

Tom’s clients have come to count on his ability to provide a consistent level of service, honest trustworthy advice, and a genuine concern for their business. Tom has lived by the adage that “the buck stops with me.”​ After all, most people want to know that you’ll not only “pick up the phone”​ when called upon, but also that there is someone on the line who is knowledgeable, forthright and can satisfy their needs. Tom’s insurance expertise includes placements for all lines of commercial insurance for clients in the retail space; contracting, manufacturing, distributors, and various commercial property owners to name a few.

In 2019, Tom and his partners became founders of the Alkeme Insurance organization which is now one of the top 100 insurance agencies in the United States.  This association is leveraging the intellectual and “insurance” capital of not only TDW, but also of the other agencies who have also joined the organization.  Utilizing the latest in technology and managing risk for the 21st Century allows the new “super” agency the ability to grow for the future and to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Tom is an Alumni of the University of Utah and in his free time enjoys spending time with his family and friends; whether skiing, traveling to exotic destinations or lounging poolside.