Terry Dorse


Terry Dorse is a Principal / Owner TDW Risk Management Associates, LLC  Terry currently works with a broad base of clients representing diverse industries.  He has developed expertise within the packaging, medical device, biomedical and pharmaceutical industries as well as development of Group and Association programs. He has the added advantage of being associated with Alkeme Insurance Services, LLC; the professionalism and expertise of their agent/owners in these areas provides enhanced leverage in the insurance marketplace.

Terry attended college at Chapman University. At Chapman he took numerous law and management courses which have proved to be invaluable to his career in the insurance industry. He has a broad-based knowledge of the myriad of coverage forms used in the commercial insurance industry. He stays current through enrollment in the Certified Insurance Counselor Program and Associate in Risk Management Program.

His administrative claims analysis knowledge and over 36 years in the insurance industry have proven to be an invaluable tool to his clients. Should a claim occur the hands-on approach has proven to be the most cost-effective method of controlling the claim out-come. Terry and his staff carry the ultimate responsibility for the design and implementation of their clients’ individual risk management and servicing program.

Through the use of educational and loss control measures, Terry has had a great deal of success assisting his clients in reducing their losses and lowering their future insurance costs.